They said attaching high-powered rockets and heavy weaponry to flightless birds was going too far! Too far? We say, NOT YET FAR ENOUGH!

A small, fun action-platformer game about one ratite and its dream of achieving orbit. Check Twitter for updates!

Pre-release is now available for download! Note that this is the DECEMBER 2015 DEVELOPMENT BUILD. It is playable (and fun, at least we think so), but not complete and there will be bugs. If you have problems or find bugs to report, please contact The complete game will be done when it is done, will cost $5, and naturally, if you buy the pre-release now you will get access to the final release for no extra charge. For screenshots and more info see the page.


When is the game going to be done/when is the next release? It will be done when it is done, hopefully spring-ish 2016. We intend to make monthly development releases available for pre-order until then.

Will it be on Steam? Eventually; we want to get it a lot closer to being done before we worry about Steam or anything else. Both so we have more to show, and so we don't have to update each development build for a dozen different distributors.

What platforms does it run on? Windows, Linux and Mac.

Will it be on iOS/Android? Almost certainly, eventually. Cell phones will require some changes to game mechanics, assets and optimization, so we want to work on that after the rest of the game is already pretty much complete.

Will it be on XBox/Playstation/Wii/Platform X? Maybe! No real reason why it couldn't be, it would just have to be worth our time to port it.

Will you have multiplayer/deathmatch/time attack/feature X? Maybe. Depends on how hard it would be to implement, and how much it's worth to you. ;-)

HELP! I'M FALLING! Not a question, but Rocket Cat will save you when you are out of fuel. Completely. He will be less fickle (and less overpowered) in future versions.