We're still alive, honest

Posted at: June 22, 2015

Okay, so... It's been a crazy 6 weeks. Jobs have been lost, jobs have been found, exams faced and defeated, and an unexpectedly intense amount of science has been done. Travels travelled, laptops broken and unfortunately not fixed yet, and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, none of this has involved game development much. But! We intend to be getting back on track soon enough.

So we're still attacking Rocket Kiwi, which has grown to be a bit more involved than originally intended, as these sorts of things generally do. The original plan of "I guess I'll play with it for a couple weeks and see if I don't hate it yet" has ballooned out into something that involves art and music and other people in general, which was never really the intention. But it still remains much smaller and simpler than the sprawling terror that is Starmaze, and it's Unity so we can by and large focus on the game instead of the engine (even though the engine is, IMO, the fun stuff), so the illusory hope remains of being able to rock it out relatively quickly and go back to the original plan.

Time only will tell if that actually happens.