Slightly Overdue

Posted at: April 6, 2015

Hello everyone! It's a Monday! Which means we're way freaking overdue for a bi-weekly report, whoops. Skipping over the entire month of March as a whole. Some of us went to GDC, and that was pretty cool! It was a great opportunity to pick the delicious soft brainmeats of other developers and get ideas to do things.

The Happenings

Upcoming Plans
  • We can systematically deny that Starmaze will require odd peripherals like punching bags or pulse oximeters.
  • Saving/loading will work. Soon.
  • A physics engine will be made. Eventually.
  • Art production continues apace, now working on concepting enemy types.
  • Production is gonna pick up big-time very, very soon! Since summer is happening, and many of us will be more free in the summer. Or die of drought. (That might just be me.)

I swear, these things will be written more often! Simon's thumbscrews and sharks terrify me.