Posted at: April 21, 2015

Hi there! Progress continues apace. I wonder what's been happening for these past two-weeks-and-a-day? It's totally a Monday, if you're not looking at this from a temporally linear perspective.

  • Particles are almost working! Almost! This is actually REALLY important.
  • There's some REALLY cool art being posted on our Twitter. I mean, you should go look there. It's good.
  • A physics engine is also almost working. That's important because after that's there, core engine features will be represented and we can actually start making the game. This is important.
  • Writing a game engine is a lot harder than it looks. Maybe that's why everyone else uses Unity/Unreal. Screw it! We'll use our own engine for this! Without a single U in its name! Hopefully.
  • Level loading is almost finally working! Aaargh!
  • Simon was working an anime convention. Poor soul.
  • Honestly, it's getting into some crunch time with some of us, since Noctis isn't all of our day jobs. But we'll work apace, we swear!
  • Daniel is going to a secret event sometime during the second weekend of May! I wonder if that'll be interesting?

We're still on a surprisingly good track to start showing off at GaymerX at the end of the year, with MAGFest in 2016 being our other definite. What else does the future have in store for us? Who knows! But we'll see you there!