Bi-weekly update

Posted at: February 9, 2015

It’s a Monday! Which means it’s time for the first bi-weekly blog bonanza! (I’m never going to be calling it that ever again.) My name is Daniel Hawking, and I’m going to be presenting blog entries as a sort of parsed dev-log for what we do here. Hopefully, I’m gonna keep readers entertained and aware of the kind of cool stuff that we do. So, uh, let’s get started!


Well, that was an adventure. Simon and I went to see what the community is like - we’re nerds who might be bad at social, so going to MAGFest was a sort of water-testing experience. And, um, it was wonderful. Everyone we spoke with was absolutely lovely and we got a lot of good ideas from a lot of good panels. It was an utterly energising experience, and we’ll be back next year!


The team has had a few meetings so far, and I’m really feeling it! Also, Zalgo text works in our IRC client, so, uh, yeah, that happened. It’s kinda great.

The Game

  • I think we can actually load/save now. EDIT: I have been informed that we can’t actually load/save yet.
  • Physics engine is happening!
  • Music is happening! Good gods, the music is lovely, but I’m biased.
  • A lot of level feel sketches have been made!

The early days of game dev aren’t really glamorous, but you know what, let’s chronicle it anyway.

See you again in a week or two! Maybe!